Find you a Tinder date who’s vegan – Dinner at Zizzi

If you’re a single vegan using Tinder, you are probably quite nervous of the food discussion with your matches. I’ve tried the Grazer apps but I figure shrinking my pool will do me no favours…#foreveralone…and hey, people can change with a bit of influence right?

After exchanging enough texts to establish they were attempting Veganuary, my date and I set up a night to go for food. I asked what they were missing in the 11 days without the usual content of their diet, and the answer was firmly ‘pizza’. I could think of a few options – Pizza Express, The Stable, Pizza Hut, Franco Manca and in hindsight Brewdog – which I’m glad we didn’t pick as I’m a fan of their beers and given that I’m doing dry January it would have been a bitter sweet visit! In all honesty, a date in any context without booze frightens the heck out of me so bravery points to me!

A few days before, I happened across an Instagram post from a friend who had eaten a pizza off the specials at Zizzi. It looked fab. I suggested it. Tinder date agreed. It was pizza time!

I’d not been to Zizzi before. The venue itself is on the Watermark complex of West Quay, overlooking the old walls. It’s quite light and loud – we’d arrived quite soon after I’d finished work so there were a number of families, but the bustle, atmosphere and quirky decor gave us the ingredients for a lighthearted chat. We had turned up with pizza in mind but were disappointed when we looked at the menu and saw a stark lack of (ve) options. The waitress came to take our order, I mumbled a bunch of words, one of which must have given her enough guidance for her to fetch an allergen menu.

Hurrah! Here we go… not an abundance of options, but certainly enough to whet our appetite. We shared starters, a glorious pizza bread with whole roasted cloves of garlic atop – cooked to perfection so that they could be spread like butter – and a fresh portion of bruscetta topped with a big dollop of pesto. I was quite full by the end of the starters, but luckily the pizza main was so good, I ate it without trouble or question. I settled on a spicy Pepperonata Pizza and my date had the Rainbow Pizza – the limited edition Veganuary special! We were both really impressed. From living in Bristol which has endless vegan pizza options, to move home and find a decent vegan cheese on a pizza filled me with glee. AND THEY ARE ALSO ON DELIVEROO. There were two lovely looking desserts and a (teasing) vegan wine list, but feeling full we scooted off for coffee elsewhere.

To make the deal sweeter, upon asking for the bill, the waitress helpfully suggested there were some vouchers knocking about online, so we did a search and came up trumps. If you happen to go before the 18th January, you can get 40% off all food – and there is also 2-4-1 on Vegan mains for the whole of January. You can see all deals here.

Go along and let us know what you think!

Rosie 🌱