The Rockstone


The Rockstone is a Vegan Southampton fave! It features one the biggest and most diverse selection of vegan food in the city – not many places have vegan pulled pork or vegan mock salmon, with their new menu in September set to have an even bigger selection of vegan delights on it! They have incredibly passionate and knowledgeable staff, a lot of whom are vegan themselves. They even feature a ‘vegan week’, which started as a test idea, the second of which happened earlier this year, and was extended to a fortnight due to epic demand! Vegan ‘KFC’ and vegan fish and chips are among the more popular dishes. In addition to this, they always have vegan homemade desserts and vegan beer and cider on tap all the time.



The Rockstone, 63 Onslow Rd, Bevois Valley, Southampton, SO14 0JL
02380 637 256 /